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Dr. Jeffrey Bland: Medicine for the Average Becomes Medicine for the Individual

In this second installment of the 6-part series on Functional Medicine and Genomics in partnership with the the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland discusses how a medical system that has historically viewed human biology in terms of averages is now coming to utilize clinical genomics as the standard of medicine.  At the end of the article Dr. Bland provides several additional resources, including an interview with Lee Hood, MD, PhD, President and Co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology – See more at: 




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Dr. Jeffrey Bland Discusses The Disease Delusion

Father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland discusses his book The Disease Delusion, and the origins of chronic disease in this discussion from the American Nutrition Association.



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This video is provided in partnership with the American Nutrition Association. To learn more about the American Nutrition Association, please visit: read more…

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Managing Biotransformation: Introduction and Overview

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN

A description of the family of human detoxification enzymes, cytochrome P450s, first appeared in the literature in 1962.1 Until that time it was known that foreign compounds were somehow detoxified by specific physiological processes, but the nature of these processes had not been elucidated. In the absence of an understanding about this superfamily of detoxification enzymes (now known to be generated by 57 genes, many of which show multiple polymorphisms), there was much speculation as to how an individual actually eliminated lipophilic compounds, both exogenous and endogenous. It is now recognized that the enzymes in read more…

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Functional Somatic Syndromes, Stress Pathologies, and Epigenetics

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB

Recently Henningsen, Zipfel, and Herzog described the nature and management of functional somatic syndromes (FSS).1 They pointed out that functional somatic syndromes are characterized by patterns of persistent bodily complaints for which adequate examination does not reveal sufficiently explanatory structural or other specified pathology, 1(p946) but they are common worldwide and are seen by practically all subspecialties of medicine. They pointed out that the more common FSS described by multiple papers in the literature include the following:

  • irritable bowel syndrome,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • fibromyalgia syndrome,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • non-ulcer dyspepsia,
  • chronic pelvic pain,
  • hypoglycemia,
  • low
  • read more…

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