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Significant Health Care Cost Savings Could Be Realized through Use of Psyllium Dietary Fiber

Significant individual and societal health care savings can be tied to specific dietary supplement use, according to a recent economic report, “Smart Prevention—Health Care Cost Savings Resulting from the Targeted Use of Dietary Supplements,” conducted by Frost & Sullivan through a grant from the Council for Responsible Nutrition Foundation (CRNF).

The report theorized that if U.S. adults over the age of 55 with elevated cholesterol took a specific amount of psyllium dietary fiber supplements, it could lead to cumulative health care savings of $19.9 billion (between 2013–2020) by reducing CHD disease-related medical events by 11.5 percent. In 2012, read more…

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Could Your Practice Use Thousands of Extra Dollars Every Month?

Dietary supplement use is growing at exponential rates. Most of your patients are using dietary supplements.

  • Do you know the most cited reasons for supplement use?
  • Do you know what the top selling supplements are, or who your patients are going to for advice on what to purchase?

Read our infographic on the dietary supplement consumer to learn more about what your patients are taking, why, and how you can capitalize on this billion dollar industry, while enhancing your patient outcomes. 

pureRXO_Infographic read more…

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Dietary supplement use among US adults more prevalent than previously thought

Dietary supplement use by U.S. adults is more prevalent than indicated by published data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES), according to a new article in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American College of Nutrition(JACN). The review article is based on five consecutive years of online market research studies, conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

 According to Annette Dickinson, Ph.D., corresponding author and a consultant for CRN, “This new review adds to the literature about usage patterns of dietary supplement users. The NHANES data is of course read more…
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Top 6 reasons to choose mission is to help HCPs provide patients more positive health outcomes
through supplementation. allows HCPs to create turnkey e-commerce stores branded to their
practices and has been shown to increase incremental sales per patient through
the utilization of online communication and marketing tools built into the PureRXO.
com platform.

Launch Slideshow

// read more…

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Top 5 Practitioner Supplement Trends

Presented by PureRXO – Online Dispensaries For The Perfect Practice

Topics of this slideshow include:

1) Personalization: Using diagnostic tests, online tracking and personalized supplement regimes to impact practitioner selling supplements

2) Content Marketing: In 2014, consider investing some time in creating your own content for marketing using

3) Online Dispensaries: Online dispensaries move your supplement sales from the shelf (or bookcase) to the web and provide you the opportunity for that 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sale. Online dispensaries are simply the “better mousetrap” for providing supplements to your patients.

4) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: PPACA read more…

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