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New Report Confirms Impact of Chiropractic-Centered Wellness Model

convertedPNGlogo-2064183893September 10, 2014 — A new report released today confirms Cultivate by Standard Process’ on-site chiropractic-centered wellness model improves employee health factors. The report reveals statistically- and clinically-significant differences in employee health factors and the reduction on long-term health risks.

“This research supports the benefits of on-site chiropractic care in improving employee health and workplace wellness effectiveness over time,” Jerry Curtin, president/general manager of Cultivate, said. “The correlation of healthier, happier employees being more productive and less likely to incur health-related costs flows naturally from the report findings.”

The easy-to-read, two-page report shows employee health factors improved related to read more…

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How to Sell Integrative Healthcare to Corporate America

By Glenn Sabin

My last post highlighted the mutual benefit of the delivery of integrative healthcare services for clinics and self-insured employers. This generated a great deal of feedback, mostly from the supply side, including integrative medicine centers wanting to know the best way to approach local self-insured companies. These inquires came from full-service MD-based integrative centers as well as smaller practices across disciplines focused on specific areas such as pain management and stress reduction.

One Seattle-based MD told me about a stress reduction program he wanted to introduce to Microsoft. Although I did not personally research, my assumption is

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