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VIDEO: Restoration of Immune Tolerance with Sidney Baker, M.D.

An unresponsive immune system is a feature of all chronic illness, and depletion of the microbiome plays a big role. Learn to how to restore your immune tolerance, fight chronic inflammation and prevent disease in this video with Sidney Baker, M.D. Dr. Baker explains how oxidative stress, inflammation and detoxification are the root causes of all known chronic health conditions.

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This video is provided in partnership with the American Nutrition Association. To learn more about the American Nutrition Association
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The Importance of Functional Biomarkers In The Management of Chronic Illness

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB

By the time a disease is diagnosed, significant pathology already exists. Medicine has historically focused its evolution on the refinement of the diagnosis of the specific pathology with which the patient presents. The ultimate objective of this medical paradigm is to establish a descriptive term for the pathology that we call a disease. The driving force in medicine is in establishing the differential diagnosis that then leads to an intervention or therapy acknowledged by the standard of practice to be specific to that disease. This medical model is based philosophically upon the assumption that read more…

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