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7 SEO Myths & Their Effect on Your Integrative Health Brand

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains critical to driving traffic to your website to engage prospective patients and clients. However, fast-paced technology may have overtaken you. Your current efforts may be for naught, mistakenly based on outdated practices.

seo-896175_1920Over the last few years much has changed in terms of the algorithms Google uses to reward or penalize sites. If you’re not staying on top of this stuff, you’re likely falling short of today’s best practices.

Here are 7 SEO myths you need to be aware of:

Myth #1: I don’t need a mobile optimization strategy

If your website was created before, read more…

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Integrative Medicine Business Development: Asses First, then Strategize and Execute

businessmen-1039899_1920The engagement process through which I lead companies, regardless of their size and type, is always the same: Assess, Strategize, Execute.
This essential process need not be all that complicated when you carefully peel back the layers and conduct a review in an organized, comprehensive manner.

The Assessment exercise is key, allowing transition from a disordered entity to a logical, clearly defined framework; often, in relatively short order.

Whether you are launching or looking to grow a new practice, service, or other type of integrative health enterprise, you can make significant progress toward reshaping your brand or business strategy by read more…

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Standard Process Inc. Offers Complimentary Benchmark Assessment Tool for Chiropractic Practices

standard_process_logoFollowing the success of its acupuncture benchmark assessment tool, Standard Process Inc. has developed a benchmark tool specifically for chiropractors and their practices. Chiropractors can use the assessment results to understand the health of their practice compared to other similarly profiled chiropractors. The assessment tool bases the chiropractic profiles on results from a national survey of nearly 1,000 practicing chiropractors.

“We have worked closely with the chiropractic community for more than 85 years, so we know distinct profiles of chiropractors exist around the country,” said Standard Process Director of Marketing Tammi Geiger. “The chiropractic benchmark tool offers chiropractors a chance read more…

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7 Chronic Website Symptoms Hurting Your Integrative Practice: Addressing Root Causes

Today, over 85 percent of patients search online before booking a doctor’s appointment. If your website isn’t fully optimized to drive patient volume, you are losing business.student-849825_1920

Do you have an established practice with lots of word-of-mouth physician and patient referrals?

It’s a certainty these referred prospects will look at your website before committing to see you.

Have you opted-out of Medicare and operate a direct-pay practice?

All the more reason your brand must shine online. After all, you’re asking folks to pay more, out of network, for your integrative health services.

Your site conveys your brand promise and identity, read more…

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Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader: Part 4 – Content Strategy

Guest Post courtesy Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting
Establishing thought leadership is not very complex once you’ve built a solid platform from which to operate.
Once you have identified your personal brand, created a powerful baseline platform, and differentiated the unique niche in which to position yourself professionally, the next step is content creation and its distribution.

For centuries, medical practitioners and scientific thought leaders have used various forms of content to establish and extend their positions. The written and spoken experiential word, in combination with research activities and publication in the medical literature, are the primary drivers of thought leadership. read more…

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