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Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader Part 7: Putting it all Together

Guest post courtesy content partner Glenn Sabin of FON Consulting


This is the final installment of a 7-part series.
Read the entire series: 


Can you recognize the majority of these integrative health luminaries by their last name only?
leadership-913043_1280Abrams, Alschuler, Amen, Barnard, Benson, Berman, Bland, Block, Blumenthal, Borysenko, Bradley, Brogan, Campbell, Cass, Cates, Chappell, Chopra, Cohen, Cunningham, Dossey, Esselstyn, Evans, Fuhrman, Gaby, Gahles, Gaudet, George, Gladd, Goertz, Goldblatt, Gordon, Gottfried, Guarneri, Haas, read more…
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