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The Use of Complementary Medicine For Healthy Aging

Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD

By the year 2020, twenty percent of the US population will be aged 65 years or older. The greatest growth in numbers will be among those aged 85 years or older. If the healthcare demands of this group match those of their parents, it will place an extraordinary burden on funding for medical services. By promoting healthy aging, complementary medicine practitioners can improve the cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery. A scientifically based complementary medicine program to promote healthy aging includes (1) diet and nutritional tailoring, (2) nutrient enhancement to meet specific individual needs, (3) exercise training, read more…

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Protecting Your Brain and Keeping it Supple: Nutrients, Herbs, Nootropics, and Mind-Body Practices -Richard Brown, M.D.

Richard Brown, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY

11th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference
Sunday, November 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada

The mechanisms and clinical uses of neuroprotective agents will be discussed. This lecture covers 5 categories of neuroprotective agents:

  1. Cholinergic – Huperzine, Galantamine, Centrophenoxine, Alcar, CDP-choline
  2. Nutrients – S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), Picamilon, Bio-strath, Fish oils
  3. Herbs – Rhodiola rosea, Ginseng, Gingko, Sage, Saffron, Vinpocetine
  4. Nootropics – Selegiline, Racetams
  5. Mind-Body Practices – Biofeedback, Breathing, Movement, Meditation

The second hour was an experiential program of Movement, Breath Techniques, and Meditation in read more…

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Exercise Training as an Alternative Treatment for Depression among Older Adults

Kathleen A Moore, PhD, and James A Blumenthal, PhD

The detection and treatment of depression among the elderly is an important clinical and public health concern. In fact, depression is one of the primary health problems currently faced by the elderly. According to the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study, depressive symptoms occur in approximately 15% of the elderly population, and rates are even higher for elderly in nursing homes.1 Depressive illness among the elderly is responsible for more hospitalizations than is any other disorder except cardiovascular disease, and leads to decreased functioning, increased morbidity and mortality, increased use of healthcare read more…

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