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Should Consumers be Allowed to Order their Own Lab Tests?

BI-AB170_LABtop_9U_20160406171207More and more Americans are taking control of their health by ordering their electronic records from their doctors so they can keep track of them, and more easily discuss them with them with their doctors. Part of this movement includes the relatively recent availability of lab testing to consumers. Is this a good development in the field of health? Or is it disastrous?

According to recent surveys, consumers strongly believe the decision to order lab tests should be available to them, and that results should go to both the patient, and the doctor. Some physicians are less sure.

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal  delves into the pros and cons of the questions, with responses from both camps. Where do you stand on this issue? Read the article for more in-depth, thoughtful look at whether or not consumers should be able to order their own lab tests.








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