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Reducing Overhead is Key to Practice Survival

CHARLOTTE, NC —In most insurance-based practices, the billing and reimbursement have become so complex that it’s difficult for many physicians to even figure out how they are doing financially.

Doctors these days have a sense that things are not going well, and that they’re working more yet making less. But the book-keeping can be daunting and many physicians, sensing the worst, take the attitude that it is better not to know.

Ignorance is really not bliss in this situation, and it is impossible to be proactive if you’re unwilling to reckon with the truth of your current situation, said Dr. Brian Forrest, a family physician based in Apex, NC. Speaking at Holistic Primary Care’s 2nd annual Heal Thy Practice: Transforming Primary Care conference, Dr. Forrest offered a simple formula for getting a handle on your practice’s fiscal health.

It takes just a minute to run this quickie calculation:

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