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PureRXO: More than Just Dispensing

pureRXO_logoIncreasing profit margins at your integrated health practice can be challenging with overhead, staff costs, insurance, and everything else that goes into a successful business, but one easy way to make money without financial investment is to partner with a virtual supplement fulfillment company that can bear all the costs of inventory stocking, shipping, customer service, and accounting, while you enjoy remuneration checks.
Better yet, some of these companies will do more than simply dispense supplements to your patients. They will help you increase compliance, educate your patients, build your business, and market your brand.

PureRXO functions as a true extension of your practice, working as hard as you do to grow and build your integrative health business. Here are just a few of the perks you can enjoy with your free online dispensary.

Health Library

With tens of thousands of researched articles on health, supplement safety, drug/supplement interactions, lifestyle tips, recipes, and more, the free health library is a fantastic resource for you and your patients. Direct patients to relevant articles in practice emails or during appointments, post timely tips to your social media sites, and address current news topics in a thoughtful way. This is one resource your patients will love.
Practice Marketing

Increase the visibility of your practice with an incredibly simple-to-customize supplement dispensary website with all the branding of your practice, including logo, hours, staff information, and more. Even better, a simple back-end makes blog posting a snap – write, edit, and click to post current health trends, practice updates, seasonal health reminders, and specials.

Virtual Visit

Telemedicine is gaining a lot of traction in the healthcare world. We’ve got a HIPAA-compliant, private software that takes the complications out of meeting with your patients virtually. Schedule appointments, send out reminders, maintain a contact list, and streamline your practice with Virtual Visit

Win-Back Emails

Patient attrition got you down? Multiple studies show that winning back customers who are inactive is five to twenty times cheaper than finding new ones. We’ve got a series of automated emails to send your patients who haven’t been around in a while – totally free for you. Sit back and watch the patients come back to your clinic, and opt out whenever you feel the need.

Customer Service

A fulfillment partner that doesn’t have the high level of customer service your patients expect is worthless. It can cost greatly in angry patients as well as lost time as you and your staff try to put out fires caused by poor customer service. PureRXO is here for your patient’s ordering needs. Whether they need some guidance on what to purchase, have questions about formulations, need faster shipping, or have a problem, our staff treats your patients just as you would – with care, attention to detail, and patience.
If you’re in the market for an online supplement fulfillment partner, or thinking about switching to a new partner, check out Pure RXO today.

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