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Product Spotlight: SR-Adrenal™ by iagen professional

There’s a new adrenal supplement in town and its name is ‘SR-Adrenal™’…

If you’re a practicing healthcare professional and regular reader of, you have no doubt heard about this product. Or, maybe you’ve seen it heavily advertised over at Emerson Ecologics or Natural Partners…Either way, SR-Adrenal by iagen is becoming known as the doctors choice and go to product for comprehensive adrenal support.

What Is SR-Adrenal™?

Developed by Dr. Chad Larson, SR-Adrenal™ provides a unique blend of nutrients and botanicals that increase vigor while at the same time increase resistance to stress and support the body systems that are most susceptible to stress. The most common use of this formula is for fatigue, lack of vitality, a tendency toward abdominal fat accumulation, emotional exhaustion, and lack of overall well-being.

SR-Adrenal™ ingredients have been shown to:

  • Helps increase stamina and enhance physical performance
  • Promotes a healthy adaptation to stress with a combination of traditional adaptogens from around the world
  • Strengthens cardiovascular, adrenal, and immune system response to stress
  • Increases the ability to withstand physical and emotional stressors
  • Provides the key co-factors for synthesis and utilization of adrenal hormones

Compare The Ingredients of SR-Adrenal to What You’re Currently Recommending

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Sr adrenal for doctors

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