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About Dr. Nigel Plummer

Dr. Nigel Plummer, PhD received his doctorate in microbial physiology from the University of Surrey, UK and has since built his career specializing in antibiotic research and development.  His research on the use of normal flora in the prevention and treatment of genito-urinary candidiasis has won numerous awards.  Dr. Plummer continues his solid commitment to research specializing in probiotics, natural antimicrobials and fish oils in collaboration with research institutes and universities within the UK, including Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, the University of Swansea Medical School, Cardiff University and the University of Sheffield Medical School.



Video: What are the Advantages of Using Human Strains Over Dairy or Animal Strains?

Dr. Nigel Plummer speaks about the advantages of human strains over others. Watch Video


Video: Are Multi-Strength or Single Strength Probiotics more effective?

Dr. Nigel Plummer debates single vs. multi-strength. Watch Video


Video: Are Probiotics Safe?

Dr. Nigel Plummer addresses safety concerns of probiotics. Watch Video


Video: How Should We be Taking Probiotics in Relation to Antibiotics?

Dr. Nigel Plummer talks about taking probiotics in relation to antibiotics. Watch Video


Video: Why Don’t We Enteric Coat the Capsules?

Dr. Nigel Plummer talks about the reasons behind not enteric coating the capsules. Watch Video


Video: Should Probiotics be Taken on an Empty or Full Stomach?

Dr. Nigel Plummer discusses probiotics with food. Watch Video


Video: Swansea Baby Trial

Dr. Nigel Plummer talks about Swansea Baby Trial A probiotic study on allergy in childrenWatch Video

Slideshow: Probiotics and the Gastrointestinal Tract

The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract has co-evolved with a very complex, stable microbial population (known as the gut microbiota) of more than 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000) microorganisms comprising several hundred different species that has led to the development and optimization of complex immune mechanisms that control this ecosystem. View Slideshow

Press Release

Health Canada Approves GENESTRA BRANDS® Health Claims for IBS Relief and Post Antibiotic Therapy

TORONTO, ON, May 14, 2013 – GENESTRA BRANDS®, a trusted Seroyal® brand and a leader in probiotic research offering safe, effective and reliable natural health products backed by clinical and traditional evidence, announced today that Health Canada has approved two significant claims related to its proprietary Human Micro Flora (“HMF”) probiotics – “Significant reduction in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (“IBS”)” and “Effective supplementation of normal intestinal microbiota following antibiotic therapy”. Based on these claims, HMF IBS Relief™ and HMF Antibiotic Care™ were recently launched in Canada.

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