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Powerful New Prostate Support product from Iagen Professional announced today the release of Iagen Professional Prostate+, a comprehensive prostate support product formulated with ingredients critical to supporting and promoting a healthy prostate, including curcumin, lycopene, saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and non-allergenic flower pollen extracts.

The prostate is influenced by a variety of factors in the body, from enzyme activity, to hormones, to inflammation. Only a comprehensive prostate supplement can address all these factors to provide an all-around support product.

Healthcare practitioners with a PureRXO online dispensary can easily recommend this powerful new prostate support product for their patients. A professional-grade supplement, with a proprietary formulation by Dr. Chad Larson, Prostate+ is a must for anyone concerned with preserving a healthy prostate.

“Prostate+ fills an important niche.” Says CEO and founder, Dr. Devin Ryerson. “More and more Baby Boomers are hitting the age where they’re starting to be concerned about prostate health. This supplement gives them a very high-quality option for all around prostate support.”

PureRXO is viewed by industry experts to be the leading online dispensary platform for healthcare practitioners. strives to provide only the top practitioner-grade supplement brands for conventional and integrative medical practitioners to sell to their patients.

Open a wholesale account with Iagen Professional and start recommending Prostate+ today.

About PureRXO:


 allows healthcare professionals to create ecommerce supplement stores for their practices, so they don’t have to buy, manage and sell inventory out of their offices. sites also include practice management, digital marketing and patient communication tools that enable HCPs to increase the lifetime value of their supplement-buying patients.
PureRXO’s team of experts is committed to helping your independent healthcare practice stay independent and stay committed to patient-centric care. The company is so much more than a one-dimensional online dispensary.

We also provide solutions and tools for:

• Patient acquisition and retention
• Physician to patient communication
• Patient compliance and education
• Drop shipping, fulfillment, invoicing and secure payments
• Reliable & proven revenue stream

PureRXO provides the technology your practice needs to create the practice of tomorrow. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s the future of patient-centric care.

It is our sincere hope that PureRXO makes a positive difference in your life and your practice. Contact us now to find out how PureRXO can help make your practice perfect.

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