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PLMI Hosts Thought Leaders Consortium Meeting

New ways to look at 21st century healthcare and what it means for chronic disease management presented at the second annual Thought Leaders Consortium.

SEATTLE (Nov. 4, 2014) — The possibility of reversing chronic diseases and aging with comprehensive lifestyle changes and the converging megatrends driving the treatment of healthcare for patients took center stage at the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s (PLMI) second annual “Thought Leaders Consortium: Clinical Applications of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, and Dementia,” held in Seattle Oct. 24-26.

Led by a faculty that included best-selling author Dean Ornish, MD; president and founder of the Institute for Systems Biology and recipient of the National Medal of Science, Leroy Hood, MD, PhD; former Director of the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, Wayne Jonas, MD; and 15 other leading academics, researchers, and clinicians, the conference drew 80 invite-only attendees from around the world to learn and discuss the latest research and thinking on creating optimum wellness and tailoring healing protocols for society’s most pressing–and often preventable–chronic illnesses.

“Chronic illness consumes a tremendous amount of healthcare spending in this country. Cost reduction will result from having the individual accept responsibility for their own health with the right information,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bland, founder and president of PLMI. “There is a tremendous sea change at hand when you consider the exponential advances in systems biology, the reduction in the cost of genomic testing, improved outcomes based on patient-activated healthcare, and the integration of all of this with Affordable Healthcare Act.”

Dr. Lee Hood’s presentation, “Systems Medicine and Proactive P4 Medicine: Transforming Healthcare with the Longitudinal Digital Aged Study of 100,000 Well People,” was the highlight of the three-day program. Other key presentations included: Edgar Staren, MD, PhD, president, The Centers for Advanced Individual Medicine, “Personalized Medicine and Oncology”; Stacie Stephenson, DC, chairman, Functional Medicine, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, “The Institutional Application of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine”; Michael Nova, MD, PhD, “Genomic Analysis in the Age of Personalized Medicine”; and Jeffrey Bland, PhD, “The Application of Personalized Medicine to Chronic Disease Management.”

The proceedings of the consortium, including video and presentations, will be available on the PLMI website beginning on Dec. 7. Visit the PLMI website,, to sign up to receive notice and access to the proceedings when they are posted.

The 2014 PLMI Thought Leaders Consortium program was made possible by the generous support of Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

About the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute
The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute is on a mission to transform healthcare through the promotion of information, innovation, and the implementation of personalized lifestyle medicine through patient-activated healthcare. PLMI’s annual Thought Leaders Consortium is a three-day event that brings together international thought leaders in a small group setting that offers a forum for professional development, networking opportunities, learning initiatives, and collaboration, as well as access to the latest information and innovations on how to address 21st century healthcare related issues.

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