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Osama Hamdy, MD PhD, Presented Results of Metagenics’ Ultra Glucose Control™ on Glucose Response and GLP-1 at ADA 2015

1957-25 Metagenics_HIfCN-logo_color-01_websizeMetagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition ( announced that the 75th anniversary of the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) included a presentation on June 6, 2015 by Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD on new clinical evidence on use of a novel medical food (Ultra Glucose Control™ by Metagenics) for management of glucose response. Dr. Hamdy is Medical Director at Joslin Diabetes Center, Assistant Prof. of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and principal investigator for the study. The study was a clinical comparison of 3 diabetes specific formulas (Ultra Glucose Control™[UGC], another commercial product and regular oatmeal) on glucose metabolism and GLP-1 secretion in diabetes. GLP-1 is a metabolic hormone promoting cellular insulin gene transcription and glucose dependent insulin release.  Data showed vs oatmeal, UGC significantly lowered glucose AUC for up to 4 hours postprandial; indicating UGC has early improved phase insulin response patterns and elevated insulin release to control glucose. According to Hamdy, “these GLP-1 data show UGC helps achieve a sustained and balanced glucose response”.  John Troup, CSO, Metagenics stated, “UGC delivers balanced and optimized ratios of macronutrients clinically shown to maintain a continuous glucose response without blood sugar spikes or crashes.”

During the meeting, the Michaela Modan Memorial Award was presented to Dr. Hamdy for his abstract titled, “The Long-Term Effects of Intensive Lifestyle Intervention on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with Diabetes in a Real-World Clinical Practice: A 5-Year Longitudinal Study.”   In that study, Hamdy evaluated changes in cardiovascular risk factors over 5 years in diabetics who maintained, or regained, weight from prior weight loss. Data showed glycemic control and triglyceride levels worsened when patients regained weight; however lipid improvements (LDL reduction and HDL increases) were maintained—despite weight regain. Results showed when patients maintained a 7% weight loss; they were less likely to regain weight. “These data change the misconception that people who lose weight with non-surgical interventions fail to maintain weight loss beyond 6 months,” said Hamdy.

Dr. Hamdy and his team are working with MHICN researchers on medical nutrition therapy and diabetes control, gut hormones and insulin secretion.

MHICN is a leader in clinical research in functional and integrative medicine with research collaborations at Joslin Diabetes Center. is an educational website offering evidence based information on clinical nutrition to registered users.

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