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Nutritional Approaches for Integrative Oncology (Slideshow)

by Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO

Nutrition therapy is increasingly playing a bigger role in cancer prevention and treatment. The literature points to genetic causes of cancer at only 5-10%, while environmental influence is attributable to a dramatic 90-95% of all cancers. Diet alone accounts for up to 35% of all environmental influencers, which surprisingly exceeds tobacco (30%).

Topics in this slideshow:

  • Hallmarks of Carcinogenesis
  • Cancer Prevention and Diet
  • Fruits, Vegetables and Omega-3′s: The Anti-Cancer Toolbox
  • Nutrients and Cancer Cell Progression
  • Supporting Phase II Pathways as Chemoprevention
  • Chemopreventive and Oncostatic Agents, Obesity Related Cancers & More…
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