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New Report Confirms Impact of Chiropractic-Centered Wellness Model

convertedPNGlogo-2064183893September 10, 2014 — A new report released today confirms Cultivate by Standard Process’ on-site chiropractic-centered wellness model improves employee health factors. The report reveals statistically- and clinically-significant differences in employee health factors and the reduction on long-term health risks.

“This research supports the benefits of on-site chiropractic care in improving employee health and workplace wellness effectiveness over time,” Jerry Curtin, president/general manager of Cultivate, said. “The correlation of healthier, happier employees being more productive and less likely to incur health-related costs flows naturally from the report findings.”

The easy-to-read, two-page report shows employee health factors improved related to safety, cancer, and heart health. Participant blood pressure, nutrition, and stress levels improved, along with better body mass index, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. The report is based on 10 years of employee data from Cultivate’s parent company, Standard Process.

Cultivate partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Medical College of Wisconsin to confirm the veracity of the employee data. Roughly one-third of employees at Cultivate’s parent company, Standard Process, voluntarily participated in a wellness challenge. The challenge and the associated rewards and incentives provided the impetus for behavioral change.

Further confirmation of chiropractic-centered workplace wellness effectiveness comes from the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces. WELCOA recognized Standard Process as one of Wisconsin’s healthiest workplaces. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces cited employee engagement and satisfaction with the Standard Process benefits package, which includes corporate wellness.

“These metrics-based recognitions confirm Cultivate’s contention that a business isn’t healthy until its employees are healthy,” Curtin said.

Cultivate is the first company of its kind that incorporates an on-site chiropractic professional with nutritional expertise as part of an organization’s wellness offering. This expert serves as the central resource to provide key elements of an effective wellness program, including chiropractic care, fitness consulting, nutritional guidance, and ongoing health education curricula.

“We’ve seen firsthand the impact that dedicated, trained chiropractors can have being on-site as a truly integrated part of an organization’s overall wellness program,” Curtin said. “This report presents statistical proof that our corporate wellness model — partnered with key corporate functions in HR, finance, and operations — delivers sustained improvement to employee health factors.”

Click here to see the full report.

Source: Cultivate by Standard Process

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