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New PureRXO Mobile Sites Make it Even Easier for Practitioners to Make Money with Online Dispensaries.

San Diego, Calif. — PureRXO announces mobile-capable websites are now standard with all PureRXO online dispensaries. “Our Google Analytics are telling us that 52% of patients are accessing PureRXO online dispensaries on their phones.” states Devin Ryerson, CEO and Founder of “So we’ve made sure it’s seamless for those folks to shop, learn, and communicate with their practitioners, right from their smartphones.”

What does this mean for practitioners with mobile-capable online dispensaries? PureRXO mobile sites allow practitioners to easily prescribe supplements, and communicate with patients, right from their smartphones, leading to even more supplemental income, as well as better patient compliance and outcomes.

Having a mobile-capable site makes the patient shopping experience a breeze, and allows effortless browsing of the over 7,000 scientifically references articles, recipes, and resource guides in the PureRXO Health Library, giving patients a trusted source of health information.

PureRXO’s mobile friendly sites are also fully equipped with social sharing options, so that patients have a simple way to get the word out about their practitioners, and PureRXO’s Virtual Visit technology allows on-the-go, secure, HIPAA-compliant communication.

“Most people today are shopping on their smartphones, and making it easier for patients to access natural products, tools, and resources of PureRXO dispensaries means more money for our practitioners and a better experience for patients”, continues Ryerson.

PureRXO is viewed by industry experts to be the leading online dispensary platform for health care practitioners. strives to provide only the top practitioner-grade supplement brands for conventional and integrative medical practitioners to sell to their patients.


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About PureRXO: allows healthcare professionals to create ecommerce supplement stores for their practices, so they don’t have to buy, manage and sell inventory out of their offices. sites also include practice management, digital marketing and patient communication tools that enable HCPs to increase the lifetime value of their supplement-buying patients.

PureRXO’s team of experts is committed to helping independent healthcare practices stay independent and committed to patient-centric care. PureRXO is more than a one-dimensional online dispensary. We also provide solutions and tools for:

  • Patient acquisition and retention
  • Physician to patient communication
  • Patient compliance and education
  • Drop shipping, fulfillment, invoicing and secure payments
  • Reliable & proven revenue stream

PureRXO provides the state-of-the-art technology practices need to be competitive and successful. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s the future of patient-centric care.

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