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Naturopathic Endocrinology & Restorative Medicine An interview with Michaël Friedman, ND

Interview by Matt Laughlin

Unified Health (UH): Where did your interest in medicine get sparked, and what led you to naturopathic medicine and the focus of your practice today?
Michaël Friedman, ND (MF): It all came about due to a variety of different factors. My undergraduate degree focus was in philosophy and religion.
Science classes were the kind of classes I generally avoided. (Laughter) It never occurred to me at that point that this is where I was going. While studying philosophy and religion, I went to study in India, and spent time in a monastery. I got sick while there and I lost around 30 pounds as a result. I had a great trip, and I loved being in India. But when I came back I still had digestive problems that wouldn’t go away. I saw several internists and other MDs and they would give me drugs to help soothe my stomach, but nothing cured it. At one point, it was severe enough that I was hospitalized for ten days. While it gradually calmed down a little over time, the discomfort never totally went away.

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