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Pharmasan Labs, a partner company to NeuroScience, Inc., has recently developed iSpot Lyme™, a novel diagnostic tool for detecting the bacterial infection caused by Borrelia Burgdorferi.  The iSpot Lyme test represents a breakthrough in diagnostic accuracy, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.


Dr. Kellermann on Lyme Dise Tests are Flawed

Standard Lyme Disease testing produces too many false negative results. Watch Video

Current Lyme Disease Tests are Flawed

Dr. Bradley Bush describes exactly what Lyme Disease is and some of the problems with the current method of testing for the disease. Watch Video


What Exactly is Lyme Disease?

The mind is an exquisitely complex system of cognitive and emotional faculties that orchestrate thought, reasoning, behavior and emotion. The mind and brain speak a language in which neurons function cooperatively in elaborate ensembles. To precisely coordinate every mental and emotional process, neurons must communicate using biochemical messengers known as neurotransmitters. Therefore, effective synthesis and activity of these critical molecules is essential for mental health. Watch Video


A New and Improved Lyme Disease Test

Dr. Bradley Bush discusses a new and more accurate test for Lyme Disease. He describes the benefits of this new test and why it might be more beneficial than current tests that are used. Watch Video


Advances in Lyme Disease Detection

The Centers for Disease Control report more than 32,000 cases (2012), however the actual number may be ten-fold. Underreporting is common because of unclear clinical presentations and limitations associated with current testing methods. View Slideshow

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A New Option for Diagnosing Lyme: Pharmasan Labs’ iSpot Lyme

A Novel Laboratory Assessment for the Detection of Borrelia Burgdorferi

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