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Labrix Clinical Services and Aeron Lifecycles Announce Strategic Merger of Hormone Testing Services

Clackamas, OR – Labrix Clinical Services and Aeron Lifecycles announced today a definitive agreement under which Labrix Clinical Services and Aeron will merge their salivary hormone testing expertise and services; with all testing services being provided at the Labrix location in Clackamas, OR. The strategic partnership was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of Aeron.
Labrix’ Chief Executive Officer Erin Lommen ND stated, “The transaction offers us the opportunity to better serve providers by combining shared technology, clinical wisdom and operating efficiencies. It also brings together two great organizations with talented management teams. John Kells and Charlie Dolbaum, MD have been true visionaries and pioneers for the past twenty years in our Industry. They have done an outstanding job in positioning Aeron’s core hormone testing business for success, by investing in highest quality methodologies and a deep commitment to their provider relationships, ensuring success on all levels. Labrix is well positioned for rapid scalability with efficient operating systems and an International as well as national reputation for high quality, fast turnaround times and repeatable, reliable results. Working together as a team enables us to establish an even stronger platform for continued excellence in testing quality, testing efficiency as well as scientifically-based clinical outreach and physician education within the integrative medical arena.”
Aeron Lifecycles was a pioneer in the development of salivary hormone testing for clinical use. This testing opened up the opportunity to measure and tailor treatment to the individual. Founded in 1986, the company has served thousands of medical practitioners and their patients.
Labrix’ core business is in the testing of adrenal and hormone levels in saliva. Founded with a passion and dedication to a raising the bar on the quality and standardization of this type of adrenal/hormone testing as well as deepening and extending the clinical outreach to integrative practitioners, Chief Medical Officer, Jay Mead, MD and CEO Erin Lommen ND, have lead the company from start-up to a power player in the integrative medicine market.
President and Chief Operating Officer Kate Wells, MBA, stated “This is a tremendous opportunity for two important laboratories to combine resources for improved operational efficiency and joint marketing to serve an ever growing market, which is hungry for scientifically sound salivary hormone and neurotransmitter testing. Aeron has a long standing reputation for researching and innovating this type of testing. Labrix’ focus on continuous improvement and provider-centered service is a natural partnership. We are honored to step into relationship with Aeron owners and customers. Our team is poised and ready.”

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