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Integrative Pediatrics: Past, Present, And Future

Lawrence D. Rosen, MD

Until the 1930s, pediatricians were dismissed as “baby doctors” as the medical care of infants was considered the responsibility of general internists, surgeons, and obstetricians. Pediatrics, as we know it, simply did not exist. Over the past century, however, pediatrics has come to be an accepted and valued profession. In a parallel fashion, as the integrative medicine (IM) revolution has swept through the adult medical community over the past decade, only now is integrative pediatrics being recognized as a separate and valid specialty within both the general pediatric and medicine worlds. The recent formation of a Pediatric Integrative Medicine (PIM) leadership group, the Integrative Pediatrics Council, provides us with an opportunity to describe the past and present and our vision of the future of integrative pediatrics.

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