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Labrix Announces Hormone Balancing Workshop

Labrix Clinical Services will be hosting a workshop on hormone balancing in Las Vegas January 16 & 17. PageImage

This workshop offers an intimate and in-depth intensive on hormone balancing, the complex relationship between sex hormones, adrenal hormones and neurotransmitters, and the complicated symptom pictures that can result from these imbalances. This training is designed for the hormone-savvy practitioner, who is looking to elevate his or her practice through deeper understanding and additional clinical insight. Topics presented for discussion cover the gamut of clinical presentations and will be heavily case oriented. Also included are clinical pearls and pitfalls, gleaned from the decades of combined clinical experience of Labrix co-founders Jay Mead, MD and Erin Lommen, ND along with additional perspective offered from expert guest speakers and Labrix clinical staff.

For more information visit Labrix Advanced Workshop.  To take advantage of our Early Bird Discount, register by Sept 30 for Labrix Advanced Workshop in Las Vegas and receive a $50 testing credit on your account. Use promo code MARKETING to lock in this offer.

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