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High-Tech, High-Touch: Reconciling Technology and Integrative Medicine

Lawrence D. Rosen, MD

Vis medicatrix naturae. Latin, from Greek, originally attributed to Hippocrates, translated as “the healing power of nature.” One of the core principles of the integrative medicine philosophy. We value nature and natural healing. We strive for homeostasis, for balance. We laud the healing powers of our planet and lament the erosion of her natural resources. Ecologically sustainable medicine— buzz words we use to champion the necessary greening of medicine— recognizes not only the impact of the environment on health but the impact of the practice of healthcare on the environment. We cheer recently published research documenting the positive effects of green spaces on human health. We strive to be models of health for our patients, adopting yoga or meditation or other practices designed to simplify our lives and harness the power of the mind-body connection for optimal healing.

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