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About the Hearth Health Learning Center

Half of all individuals faced with a cardiovascular event had normal values on their standard lipid panel. While routine lipid screening plays an important role in cardiovascular assessment, it doesn’t provide the larger picture. It doesn’t identify other underlying processes that may be happening within the artery wall. Newer research suggests that these additional processes and activities in the vessel wall may also be important indicators of overall heart health. Now there is an easy, cost effective way for doctors and patients to see the bigger picture and to achieve better outcomes:

The PureHeart Protocol brings together innovative screening and innovative supplements that go
beyond lipids. Learn more about the PureHeart Protcol


Metabolic Xtra Animation

Supports healhty insulin function and glucose homeostasis*Watch Video

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Optimal absorption of nutrients requires solubility in the aqueous or watery environment of the digestive tractWatch Video



PureHeart Webinar Part 1

Through increasing our understanding of the pathways involved in disease we define novel biomarkers that enable physicians to:

  • Better define patients at risk
  • Identify the source and cause of the risk
  • Provide tools to monitor therapeutic response

The ultimate goal is to help practitioners reduce cardiovascular events & improve outcomes. View Webinar

PureHeart Webinar Part 2

Simple, affordable cardiometabolic screening for targeted supplement selection. The PureHeart Protocol: Screening + Supplements = Success. View Webinar


The PureHeart Protocol – “Beyond Lipids”

Underlying factors:

  • Lipid balance
  • Blood flow, vascular function
  • CoQ10 status
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Oxidative stress

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