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Fermented Wheat Germ Extract in the Treatment of Cancer (PART 1)

Slideshow presented by PureRXO

Cancer cells exhibit increased glycolysis, a phenomenon known as the “Warburg effect” which is considered one of the most fundamental metabolic alterations during malignant transformation. Slideshow takes a look at Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) and cancer.

Although FWGE administration lasted only 12 months, post-study patients were followed for an additional 7 year period.

Progression Free Survival in the FWGE treatment group was 55.8 months vs. 29.9 months in the control group, 87% increase (p=0.0137).

Topics of this slideshow include:

  • PET Scans Make Use of “Warburg Effect” to Find Cancers
  • FWGE’s Basic Mechanisms
  • British Journal of Cancer & FWGE
  • BJC (2003) Colorectal Cancer Progression-free probability curve
  • BJC (2003) Colorectal Cancer Survival probability curve and more…
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