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Launched in 1995, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine has a mission to promote the art and science of integrative medicine and a responsibility to improve public health. We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical medical journalism independent of special interests that is timely, accurate, and a pleasure to read. We publish original, peer-reviewed scientific articles that provide health care providers with continuing education to promote health, prevent illness, and treat disease. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine was the first journal in this field to be indexed in the National Library of Medicine. In 2006, 2007, and 2008, ATHM had the highest impact factor ranking of any independently published peer-reviewed CAM journal in the United States—meaning that its research articles were cited more frequently than any other journal’s in the field.

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Launched as a peer-reviewed journal in 2002, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ) provides practitioners with a practical and comprehensive approach to integrating alternative therapies with conventional medicine. The journal is published 6 times per year under the leadership of Joseph Pizzorno, ND, editor in chief, a cofounder and former president of Bastyr University.


  • To provide a practical and comprehensive approach to preventing and treating disease, healing illness, and promoting health in a clinical setting using integrative medicine.
  • To assure practitioners receive authoritative, scientifically accurate information they can trust and immediately apply to their clinics or pharmacies.
  • To provide optimal resources for patient care.
  • To present the “issues of the day” such as nutritional debates, assessments of therapies, and clinical protocols.

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It is the goal of the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) to provide education and information on the specialty of Age Management Medicine to physicians and healthcare professionals through evidence-based continuing medical education conferences, workshops, seminars, publications and web media. The Group membership consists of leading healthcare professionals, physicians, practitioners, researchers, medical associations and providers of products and services. Age Management Medicine is a proactive, preventative approach focused on preservation of optimum human function and quality of life making every effort to modulate the process of aging prior to the onset of degenerative aging. The basic tenets of Age Management Medicine are patient evaluation through extensive medical history, lifestyle assessment, physical examination and laboratory evaluation to establish personalized proactive treatment plans consisting of proper diet, exercise, stress management and appropriate medical interventions.

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The Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine – AARM is the leading non-profit medical association to support cross disciplinary collaboration and was formed to provide education, clinical research and cutting edge protocols which empower physicians to more effectively treat their patients and build their practices through the use of herbal, nutritional and bio-identical hormone medicines. AARM’s activities include:

  • The forthcoming peer-reviewed medical journal (Journal of Restorative Medicine)
  • Annual CME Meetings, including the International Restorative Medicine Conference
  • Certification in the Specialty of Restorative Medicine
  • A Physician Referral Program

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Holistic Primary Care provides health care practitioners and health-conscious consumers with lively, science-based information on preventive medicine and natural health care. The quarterly print publication reaches roughly 60,000 MDs, osteopaths, naturopaths and chiropractors nationwide. Our website features a fully-searchable archive. UpShots, our monthly e-newsletter, provides 10,000 clinicians with quick-takes on new developments in integrative medicine.

Launched in the Fall of 2000, HPC began with a simple vision: to build bridges between various healing arts & sciences, with the ultimate goal of helping clinicians provide truly health-centric health care.

Co-founders Erik Goldman (editor) & Meg Sinclair (publisher) bring to HPC many years of experience in medical journalism as well as a longstanding personal interests in food & nutrition, transformative psychology, ancient healing traditions, music & the visual arts.

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