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Evaluation of a Novel Elisa for Serotonin: Urinary Serotonin as a Potential Biomarker for Depression

Mikaela I. Nichkova & Han Huisman & Paul M. Wynveen & David T. Marc & Kelly L. Olson & Gottfried H. Kellermann

Depression is a common disorder with physical and psychological manifestations often associated with low serotonin. Since noninvasive diagnostic tools for depression are sparse, we evaluated the clinical utility of a novel ELISA for the measurement of serotonin in urine from depressed subjects and from subjects under antidepressant therapy. We developed a competitive ELISA for direct measurement of serotonin in derivatized urine samples. Assay performance was evaluated and applied to clinical samples. The analytical range of the assay was from 6.7 to 425 μg serotonin/g creatinine (Cr). The limit of quantification was 4.7 μg/g Cr. The average recovery for spiked urine samples was 104.4%. Average intra-assay variation was 4.4%, and inter-assay variation was

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