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Could the Loss of Our Sense of Smell Predict Our Death?

smell-41970_1280A recent study has linked the loss of a sense of smell to imminent death. Scientists tested the olfactory acuity of 3,005 U.S. adults, sorting them into three groups: normal sense of smell (normosmic), somewhat diminished sense of smell (hyposmic), and a severely compromised sense of smell (anosmic). When the researchers tracked down the subjects 5 years year (and after adjusting for factors such as overall health or age), they found that the anosmic group was 4 times more likely to have died than the normosmic group, and the hyposmic group also had a significantly higher mortality rate.  

While the researchers point out that there is not a direct correlation between the loss of a sense of smell and imminent death, because the sense of smell depends on stem cell turnover, the loss of sense of smell could be indicative of the body’s decreasing inability to repair itself. 

Read more on the study here, and let us know your thoughts. 

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