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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America: 800-Pound Marketing Gorilla

by Glenn Sabin
for more about Mr. Sabin, please visit his website, FON Therapeutics

Since 2008 most major business sectors have evolved their business development strategies in response to profound changes in the modern marketing landscape. Curiously, with few exceptions independent hospitals, hospital systems and large medical institutions remain firmly stuck in the 20th century. Not so for Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). In fact, not one national cancer center matches CTCA’s overall aggressive marketing prowess and sophistication.

Topics of this slideshow include:

  • Who is Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
  • Is CTCA Technologically Advanced?
  • What Type of Nutrition Does CTCA Offer Patients?
  • How Does CTCA Leverage Whole Person Cancer Care?
  • Who Is Their Target Market & What Are Their Survival Outcomes?

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