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Bethany Hays, MD: Inspiring Healthy Living Through Relationship-Centered Care

Interview by Frank Lampe and Suzanne Snyder

Bethany Hays, MD, is a cofounder and the medical director of True North, an organization in Falmouth, Maine, whose mission is to change healthcare and inspire individuals to live healthier lives through integrative care, education, and research. She is a graduate of Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where she completed her residency and a fellowship in perinatology. Dr Hays has practiced obstetrics and gynecology and now functional medicine, over a career lasting 34 years. In May 2008, she was presented the Linus Pauling Award at the 15th International Symposium on Functional Medicine. Dr Hays is a contributor to the Textbook of Functional Medicine and teaches nationally and internationally on women’s hormones, birth, and functional medicine.

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