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Becoming an Integrative Medicine Thought Leader

This post was written by Glenn Sabin

Thought leadership in any industry is important, but in the medical world it is essential for success.  If you aspire to influence colleagues, peers, administrative decision-makers or the public, you need to become a thought leader.  If you aim to influence those in your field and beyond—and the consumer public at the national or international level—there is simply no other practical route to get there. The powerful content creation and management tools of the web can now complement and offer extensions to traditional efforts to establish one’s professional reputation.

Thought Leadership Defined:

A primary benefit of consistently curated content. Thought leadership status is gained when a person or brand is recognized, and cited, as an expert on critical industry issues. Creating a consistent stream of industry-relevant content is a key tactic supporting a thought leadership objective.

Integrative Medicine Thought Leadership 

Thought leadership development is a parallel process to building one’s practice and business platform.  (A future post will cover platform building).  Regardless of your specific discipline and working environment—i.e., investigator, solo practitioner, medical director at a large private or community based center—if you seek to influence those within your practice or institution, become recognized, contribute toward increasing patient volume or be asked to speak at meaningful meetings, conferences and events, you need to be read, heard and seen.

And thought leadership in integrative medicine itself?  It is an increasingly moving target on many fronts.  So it will be essential to combine your own expertise with a solid understanding of where the patient/client community is moving.  The value of thought leadership of course, is all about what is ahead.

Content Creation and Engagement Creates Thought Leadership

Thought leadership always starts with the clear articulation of ideas and opinions to those around you.

Take this quiz.

Do you:

    1. Communicate ways to improve operational efficiency of your organization?
    2. Set agendas, take lead or otherwise speak up at meetings, having prepared thoughts ahead of time?
    3. Actively engage as the go-to subject matter expert and medical leader for media interviews in your community?
    4. Present as an investigator or specialized clinician at conferences?
    5. Present locally, nationally or internationally on your area(s) of expertise?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then you are on the right track.  If you are not yet recognized at the level you aspire, then you have more work to do.  When it comes to integrative medicine, content is king for establishing and delivering thought leadership and building patient volume.

Only You Can Create Thought Leadership

No one gives you permission to become a thought leader.  It’s up to you to do the work and declare your arrival.  Period.

Leverage Your Expertise

You (or your organization) have expertise and highly developed thinking in specific areas unique to your clinic or center’s approach to clinical care, your community demographics or perhaps research interests.  Your medical worldview is unique, informed by your own professional experience. Start there.

FON helps practitioners and centers establish thought leadership with the development of strategic, content development programs aimed at professionals and consumers.  Contact us to schedule a call and learn more.

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