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Anxiety and Depression: It All Starts With Stress

Donielle Wilson, ND, CPM

Is stress an issue for your patients? Perhaps the real question is, when is stress not an issue? Everyone is exposed to potential stressors on a daily basis. Stress comes in the form of physical stressors, as in an injury or infection, and emotional stressors, such as loss, change, or trauma. Lack of sleep and skipping meals are also stressful due to the body response that occurs in an attempt to maintain balance. Even the perception of stress stimulates the body’s stress response.

No matter the form, recent studies show that stress leads to disruptions in neurotransmitter balance, which, in turn, can cause anxiety, depression, and other problems. Since a variety of nutrients are important to the effective production of neurotransmitters, practitioners can help patients balance their moods using nutritional approaches. To help you as the practitioner identify patients who can benefit, several simple, natural treatment options for neurotransmitter imbalances have become available in recent years for example, new home urinary test kits can measure neurotransmitter levels, making it easy to pinpoint imbalances.

Therefore, when your patients experience stress, or the resultant anxiety and depression, they don’t have to rely only on standard conventional medications. By understanding the cause of anxiety and depression in how the body responds to stress, and recognizing that simple nutrients are important to the effective production of neurotransmitters, practitioners can easily assist patients.

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