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Announcing! A Living Tribute to Integrative Health and Medicine Pioneer John Weeks.

johnweekstribute_ipad-232x300Today we feature an exciting announcement from Glenn Sabin of FON Therapeutics. A powerful new ebook honoring John Weeks, who has long been the reporter and outspoken advocate of what has now become the integrative health and medicine movement. With over 150 contributors such as Drs. Andrew Weil, David Katz, Josephine Briggs, Joseph Pizzorno and many others, this 68-page ebook is a wonderful tribute to a well-known leader of this important movement. Download your copy here today.

Some words from Glenn:

A leading force of the integrative health and medicine movement during the past 30 years, John Weeks was presented with a surprise lifetime achievement living tribute on May 15th during the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health (IRCIMH) gala held in Miami.

As the field’s go-to intrepid reporter and informal historian, John’s strong editorial voice has consistently recognized the important work of others, constructively challenging, championing and chronicling what is today commonly referred to as the integrative health and medicine movement. His invaluable contributions as a key organizer, thought leader and über-connector have greatly impacted the still nascent but ever fertile landscape of integrative medicine.

No one’s been more influential than John Weeks in advocating for an interdisciplinary approach to health creation as the standard of care.

Everybody Loves John

Long overdue, Weeks was honored (in stunning fashion!) by colleagues, friends, clinicians and investigators both in and out of academia across the wide-ranging integrative health spectrum.

FON originally conceived this eBook tribute and joined forces with Taylor Walsh, Jade Wood, MA, LMFT, MHSA and others (see below) to produce this extensive piece of content featuring over 150 esteemed contributors, including Drs. Andrew Weil, David Katz, Josephine Briggs, Joseph Pizzorno and many others.

Remarkably, it didn’t take long for this tribute to grow into something much greater. Thanks to a generous group of wonderful philanthropists, donors, integrative health companies and organizations, and, as importantly, close colleagues Liza Goldblatt, PhD, MPA/HAPamela Snider, ND and Adi Haramati, PhD, this project quickly took on a life of its own, becoming the centerpiece of IRCIMH’s May 15 gala. John’s spouse, Jeana Kimball, ND, MPH, LM, provided invaluable “insider information”, working closely with the team.

[Download ebook FON Presents: A Living Tribute to John Weeks ]

Read NCCAM Director Josephine Briggs’ moving “Letter to John”.

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