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An Interview with Dr. Devin Ryerson, Founder and CEO of PureRXO Online Dispensary

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Devin Ryerson, the very busy founder and CEO of, the extremely popular turn-key virtual dispensary created for healthcare practitioners. From sunny San Diego, Dr. Ryerson took a few moments to discuss with us his motivations for starting PureRXO, the very immediate needs it fills for practitioners, and some hints on where PureRXO will be going in the future. Below is the transcript of the interview.

MHP: So, for those out there who aren’t familiar with it, can you tell us what PureRXO is?

DR: Sure. I think PureRXO is a few different things all rolled into one. I’d say that first and foremost PureRXO is a website for practitioners – a turnkey website that practitioners can simply make their own, by easily uploading their own logo, banner, office hours and so much more. Secondly, I’d say PureRXO is a store. A store where a practitioner can send their patients to buy the professionally branded dietary supplements they might sell out of their office. However, the BIG IDEA with PureRXO is to support and empower the health care practitioner so they can

“We go far beyond being a simple online fulfillment house as we give our PureRXO practitioners many choices …healthcare practitioners and their front office staff are busy, and we want to alleviate any excessive workload”

maintain that 2nd, 3rd and 4th sale rather than losing out to big box stores or online sales. I think it’s important that we distinguish ourselves from the other online dispensaries or fulfillment portal-type stores currently available, in that PureRXO is the only truly turn-key site. Additionally, each PureRXO website is fully and seamlessly integrated so that there is no user (patient) confusion that may turn them off and cause them to shop elsewhere. So, PureRXO website stores literally take care of everything on behalf of the practitioner, from website hosting to all inventory and management, to the merchandising and credit card processing, same day shipping, and even returns.

We go far beyond being a simple online fulfillment house as we give our PureRXO practitioners many choices. For example, we offer a free (800) number for their patients to call in to place orders, because let’s face it, some people aren’t comfortable ordering online, PLUS healthcare practitioners and their front office staff are busy, and we want to alleviate any excessive workload.

Finally, I’d view PureRXO as a suite of practice management tools whereby practitioners can utilize the service to promote their business beyond the typical and traditional reach. We have a really unique feature called Virtual Visit that allows the practitioner to upload their contacts via email and communicate in various ways. It’s a great marketing tool to reach out to those inactive patients to bring them back into the fold!

MHP: What was your motivation to start PureRXO?

DR: I started PureRXO several years ago for the simple reason that it was needed, for a couple of very good reasons.

Problem #1 from my perspective during my own tenure in a practitioner office is who has the time to deal with ordering products from a distributor or the manufacturer? It’s a royal pain keeping inventory, is it not? Additionally, we as practitioners often recommend dietary supplements from practitioner brands. Of these practitioner brands, a typical office may carry no more than $1000 worth of supplements, simply due to physical space constraints and economics, or cost prohibitions. There needed to be an easier, more efficient way for practitioners to supply high quality product to patients, without having to delve into the time-suck of running a pharmacy.

“…Presents a huge problem that goes beyond a loss of office revenue. It’s a lack of patient compliance with subsequent poor clinical outcomes.”

The second and much larger problem I think is more ominous, and was really the impetus for me to develop PureRXO. I wanted to give healthcare professionals a level playing field. I’m sure all practitioners have experienced it. Your patient leaves your office with a 30 day supply of condition specific, high potency vitamins that you personally recommend they take for 90 days based on your clinical findings. 30 days later, your patient shows for re-evaluation and re-fill of product, but upon receiving their re-fill, they inform you that they found it cheaper online or even an inferior mass market brand from the big box drug store around the corner. Sound familiar? That’s a common scenario that I kept hearing and it presents a huge problem that goes beyond a loss of office revenue. It’s a lack of patient compliance with subsequent poor clinical outcomes.

You, the healthcare professional, recommend a very specific product with very specific doses for a very specific health condition and now your patient is in possession of a subpar product that a clerk from CVS recommended. Not good for anybody. We want healthcare professionals to have an opportunity to maintain that 2nd, 3rd, and forth sale and beyond by providing those quality products at competitive prices.

MHP: Why do you think it’s important that PureRXO is designed by doctors?

DR: I think it’s important because we’re not suits. As the founder of PureRXO, I don’t report to the bean counters. We don’t have committees or a board of directors, with no healthcare practitioner experience making decisions on what is important to the healthcare professional.

“There are plenty of so-called online dispensaries out there putting out pure schlock…We pride ourselves in having the best user experience available”

There are plenty of so-called online dispensaries out there putting out pure schlock. What the suits do is to release a minimally viable product or something just good enough to get the job done. That’s unacceptable and these people should be embarrassed. My goal is to listen to our PureRXO doctors and give them what they want. We pride ourselves in having the best user experience available so that patients can easily navigate and buy from a PureRXO site. Our features run deep and we are committed to building the best.

MHP: What brands are part of the PureRXO catalog, and how do you choose?

DR: We carry most all the major brands that practitioners may be familiar with and probably use already. A few of the big ones are Pure Encapsulations, Nordic Naturals and Metagenics. We also look for high quality brands that fulfill a niche such as NewGreens green drinks, iagen professional’s SR-Adrenal and select best sellers from Allergy Research Group, Thorne, Protocol for Life Balance and many others. We choose what to carry based on research, quality, and practitioner requests.

MHP: How many HCPs use PureRXO?

DR: We currently have over 2,500 qualified healthcare professionals using PureRXO.

MHP: Exciting. So, no rest for the weary – what’s next for PureRXO?

DR: Well, in an effort to address the fast-growing use of smartphones, we recently launched a pretty slick mobile version for all PureRXO sites. No other online dispensary or portal offers a mobile friendly version, and it’s a huge step up for patients and HCPs to be able to access the dispensary, communicate on the go, and even read articles, recipes, and health tips on their smartphone. We’ve also recently established a very exciting partnership that will offer a brand-new feature that we think doctors will love.

MHP: Sounds like a big deal! When will that feature be available?

DR: Definitely a big deal. It will be a huge step for PureRXO, and it ties in beautifully to our existing Virtual Visit tool. It’s kind of top secret at this point and I can’t go into details but will be available later this summer.

MHP: How can HCPs sign up for a site?

DR: It’s really easy to sign-up, and only takes about 60 seconds. Go To and click the sign up button. You’ll receive your log-in credentials within about 24 hours and at that point you can start to customize your dispensary. You can literally be up and running, ready to sell to patients, in about an hour. We look forward to having you as part of the PureRXO family!

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